Cosplay Update 15-the end of the tail

The tails are finished!! This was probably the most technical part of this build in terms of working out how to stabilise the structures. If you’ve not read my previous blog post, the tails themselves are foam tubes covered in fake fur, with a bit of wire for extra support.

Cosplay Update 14-every tail has a beginning

I’ve taken a break from my Christmas crafting (only two things left to go!) to do a little bit more on my cosplay. I’m breaking this bit down into multiple posts as it’s quite labour intensive and would make for a very rambling single post! We’re onto the tails. Warlord

Cosplay Update 13-sword (best bit)

I was ridiculously excited about the prospect of making a sword and thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s turned out fab and I’ve been happily standing in the middle of rooms, swishing it about and prodding my long-suffering family members with it. So here’s how I did it! I started back in

Cosplay Update 11-shiny shiny transfer vinyl

I’ve been putting off doing this bit of work on my cosplay for a while now because it’s been years since I worked with heat transfer vinyl, but it turned out to be (relatively) easy and fun! Warlord has a pretty intricate decoration on her skirt panels, but because I

Cosplay Update 10-finishing touches

I have a list of bits and pieces I need to do to finish up the bigger parts of my cosplay – this week I finally stopped procrastinating and got round to doing them! First up was putting the ruffled collar onto the chest piece. Because this is white and

Cosplay Update 9-foam clay rocks!

I’ve been experimenting with foam clay this week, courtesy of a free sample from the lovely people at coscraft! This stuff is BRILLIANT! I needed to make quite intricate looking ear pieces for the sides of the mask and I wasn’t confident I could get the affect I wanted by

Cosplay Update 8-get strapping

Today we’re entering the fascinating (heavy on the sarcasm) world of strapping! Oooooh! It sounds super dodgy, but it’s unfortunately not all that sexy. Unless you’re REALLY into Velcro … Visually, there’s not a lot to show for my efforts, but it’s all stuff that needed doing. I needed to

Cosplay Update 7-pauldrons

There’s not a lot to show for two weeks of work on this. I’ve made the trousers, but they don’t look especially impressive hanging on my dressmakers dummy, so no photos yet. The main reason I’ve not made much visible progress is because I decided I wasn’t totally happy with

Cosplay Update 4-fun with foam

I’ve been playing with EVA foam these past two weeks! I’m aware I promised you a finished corset picture – I have ALMOST finished it, (honest) but I’m also sick of it and wanted to play with new things. I’ve never done any large projects with EVA foam before so

Cosplay Update 3-tied up in corsetry

It’s been a couple of weeks since the last post – I’ve been waiting for some stuff to turn up in the mail before I can make more progress. On the plus side, you’ve missed the swearing at my own stupidity / the overlocker / ebayers / my own stupidity

New big project

I’ve had a couple of weeks off the blog as my birthday happened and I got a little distracted. My lovely friends bought me some books which I’ve wanted for ages and I’ve been completely absorbed. Thankfully for you, it means I now have a brand new project in mind,

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