Air Dry Vegetation

Mild panic time – the dress making timetable has been moved up somewhat. Turns out I have some corporate awards thing I need to go to in November and because I hate shopping, I figure I’ll use the dress for that as well, even if it does cut a month

Who Watches the Craftsmen?

To be brutally honest, I’ve done very little in the way of crafting recently – I’ve been indulging my history geek side and spending a week in Athens. Much sun, lots of good food and one brand new textbook later and I’m back in the inevitable UK autumn. I did

Getting Hooked

I’ve spent my afternoon getting re-acquainted with my dress-makers dummy. I love this thing – I honestly don’t know how I ever made clothes or cosplay without it! I’ve pinned, cut and re-cut my lining fabric for that dress, so I’m happy enough now to order the main fabric and

Zombie Fangirl

Another quiet evening to myself – what to do? Well, there’s one of several Christmas projects I’m in the middle of, the Christmas card ideas I haven’t drafted any ideas for yet or the outfit I’ve foolishly decided to make myself for a party I’m hosting at New Years. This

Last Hit

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