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Rocket League Autumn Update – 28/9/17

<h4>Rocket League Autumn Update – 28/9/17</h4>
Psyonix’s Rocket League is only a week away from its Autumn Update. I am so pumped about this update as there are a couple of significant changes that are coming and as a result I have found myself playing more and more Rocket League every night! Here is a quick breakdown of the Autumn Updates: Competitive Season 6 Changes and Season 5 Rewards! As season 6 kicks off we will see a soft reset. This means every player will need to complete 10 placement matches per playlist (1v1, 2v2, 3v3) the reset is designed to calibrate the whole player population for season 6. Season 5 rewards are a new player customization item called Player Banners, they will be availbale for those who placed in Competitive Playlists during season 5.Player Banners will be seen throughout Rocket League, including the main menu screen and during goal replays, and the Season 5 Rewards are ...

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