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Cosplay Update 13-sword (best bit)

I was ridiculously excited about the prospect of making a sword and thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s turned out fab and I’ve been happily standing in the middle of rooms, swishing it about and prodding my long-suffering family members with it. So here’s how I did it! I started back in

Cosplay Update 10-finishing touches

I have a list of bits and pieces I need to do to finish up the bigger parts of my cosplay – this week I finally stopped procrastinating and got round to doing them! First up was putting the ruffled collar onto the chest piece. Because this is white and

Cosplay Update 9-foam clay rocks!

I’ve been experimenting with foam clay this week, courtesy of a free sample from the lovely people at coscraft! This stuff is BRILLIANT! I needed to make quite intricate looking ear pieces for the sides of the mask and I wasn’t confident I could get the affect I wanted by

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