The Shape of Valentine’s

I realise Valentine’s Day has been and gone, but technically it’s still February so this counts! I’m not one for splashing out on Valentine’s Day, but I do think that it’s a good excuse to do something with someone (or some people) you care about. And yes, I know, I

Creepy crochet and overlocker horror

My piping arrived! I tacked it onto the dress, put one sleeve in and it looks brilliant. Tried it on to get the positioning right for the next bit … and the left top section that’s supposed to fold down is 4 inches too short. Face palm. After scrapping around

Air Dry Vegetation

Mild panic time – the dress making timetable has been moved up somewhat. Turns out I have some corporate awards thing I need to go to in November and because I hate shopping, I figure I’ll use the dress for that as well, even if it does cut a month

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