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Cosplay Update 6-painting!

Painting! The truly fun part of foam work! I tried a few techniques on the chest piece before I came out with a look that I liked. I tried dry-brushing first, so I could keep the black coming through, but it ended up just looking tatty. So I painted the

Cosplay Update 5-trials with sealant

Things didn’t exactly go to plan this week. I found out a few things about being a UK based cosplayer that made life difficult and almost ended in disaster. It also meant I couldn’t get on with the more impressive build that I wanted to do, but nevermind – lessons

Cosplay Update 4-fun with foam

I’ve been playing with EVA foam these past two weeks! I’m aware I promised you a finished corset picture – I have ALMOST finished it, (honest) but I’m also sick of it and wanted to play with new things. I’ve never done any large projects with EVA foam before so

Cosplay Update 3-tied up in corsetry

It’s been a couple of weeks since the last post – I’ve been waiting for some stuff to turn up in the mail before I can make more progress. On the plus side, you’ve missed the swearing at my own stupidity / the overlocker / ebayers / my own stupidity

Cosplay Update 2 – making templates

So I chose another delightfully warm (and humid) weekend to wrap myself in clingfilm and tape in the name of cosplay progress. This is officially the start of the … I’ll call it chest plate, though it only covers the upper half of my chest, but I don’t know what

Fuzzy Fizzgig

In the absence of progress on my cosplay project (desperately trying to raise funds in order to afford materials!), I’ve been keeping myself occupied by making some adorable Dark Crystal companions. Who didn’t love Fizzgig in that movie? The smaller one I’m turning into a key chain – the bigger

New big project

I’ve had a couple of weeks off the blog as my birthday happened and I got a little distracted. My lovely friends bought me some books which I’ve wanted for ages and I’ve been completely absorbed. Thankfully for you, it means I now have a brand new project in mind,

Practicing my scales

I’m sure you’ve all missed me for the whole week I didn’t post – I was enjoying some much needed RNR so I went off grid for a bit. But it wouldn’t be a Lulu holiday if I didn’t return with some amazing new project to show off to y’all!

Pull up a chair

I want to say it’s officially spring, but I don’t dare considering the horrendous weather of February and March! However, it is APRIL which marks the approach of my wedding anniversary (thankfully the weather was better back then!) When I got married, we didn’t have a great deal of money,

Unfair craft fairs

I’m going to use today to have a mini-rant in the vast space of opinions that is the internet. Any crafter knows how financially unfair crafting can be – you don’t EVER make minimum wage, in fact you’re often lucky to make any profit at all. Most people just do

Easter Bob-Bunny

Aside from it essentially being another excuse (like it’s needed) to stuff one’s face, we don’t really celebrate Easter. Only two of our household actually like chocolate with any real enthusiasm and one of THOSE is on a diet anyway! So it’s often non-traditional gifts of pies and crisps. Though

Feel the Power(tex)!

An incredibly rare event occurred – I had a whole day to myself in the house!! This almost never happens, so I took full advantage. It was a tough call, trying to choose between some uninterrupted reading time, starting Evil Dead that some overly generous friend of mine gave me

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