Merry Grootmas!

For those of you that remember the crazy idea of last year’s crocheted Christmas cards, I bring you ANOTHER crocheted card … technically. Earlier this year, I found this Groot inspired crochet pattern from twinkie chan and made a couple for some Groot fans ready for Christmas. Then, as the

Christmas Crochet

It’s that time of year again. So many gifts to make, so little time! I have now officially made everything, printed and written out my cards, wrapped everything (which took almost a whole day) and now I can stop caring. I’m putting off decorating as long as possible, because frankly,

Selection Box – Week 4 of Advent Blogs

  It’s Christmas!!! *Slumps in exhaustion* I’d have more enthusiasm if I hadn’t spent 2 days baking several kanellangd, a parfait and then cooked Christmas dinner today … Today, as a special treat, I thought I’d give you a bumper pack of Christmas crafts. I’ve deliberately restrained myself from posting

Cracking Time – Week 1 of Advent Blogs

Better late than never! Here begin my advent blogs in the lead up to Christmas! We’re having friends over for Christmas dinner, which is lovely because we all like similar things and generally have a fantastic time. My close friends are my family as far as I’m concerned anyway. So

Air Dry Vegetation

Mild panic time – the dress making timetable has been moved up somewhat. Turns out I have some corporate awards thing I need to go to in November and because I hate shopping, I figure I’ll use the dress for that as well, even if it does cut a month

Last Hit

A little about