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Cosplay Update 8-get strapping

Today we’re entering the fascinating (heavy on the sarcasm) world of strapping! Oooooh! It sounds super dodgy, but it’s unfortunately not all that sexy. Unless you’re REALLY into Velcro … Visually, there’s not a lot to show for my efforts, but it’s all stuff that needed doing. I needed to

Cosplay Update 7-pauldrons

There’s not a lot to show for two weeks of work on this. I’ve made the trousers, but they don’t look especially impressive hanging on my dressmakers dummy, so no photos yet. The main reason I’ve not made much visible progress is because I decided I wasn’t totally happy with

Cosplay Update 6-painting!

Painting! The truly fun part of foam work! I tried a few techniques on the chest piece before I came out with a look that I liked. I tried dry-brushing first, so I could keep the black coming through, but it ended up just looking tatty. So I painted the

Cosplay Update 5-trials with sealant

Things didn’t exactly go to plan this week. I found out a few things about being a UK based cosplayer that made life difficult and almost ended in disaster. It also meant I couldn’t get on with the more impressive build that I wanted to do, but nevermind – lessons

Cosplay Update 4-fun with foam

I’ve been playing with EVA foam these past two weeks! I’m aware I promised you a finished corset picture – I have ALMOST finished it, (honest) but I’m also sick of it and wanted to play with new things. I’ve never done any large projects with EVA foam before so

Funky foam

So I’m now making a giant-version of the zombie bear because … I can? I’m racking up a list of possible projects (none of which I can really afford to do) which include: A scale 1:1 ewok Ludo from Labyrinth Porgs Ewok hoods/scarves An Alice: The Madness Returns cosplay Anybody

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