Cosplay Update 7-pauldrons

There’s not a lot to show for two weeks of work on this. I’ve made the trousers, but they don’t look especially impressive hanging on my dressmakers dummy, so no photos yet. The main reason I’ve not made much visible progress is because I decided I wasn’t totally happy with the collar and cut it off. I’ve redone it, but that took pretty much a week to do. It doesn’t look much different, but it was more about fit for me. My old one was too thick and I struggled to get it on and comfortable. This one is made out of thinner foam so it fits better and I can move my head properly.

I’ve made and painted my pauldrons though, so I can show those off. They look like octopus…es? pi? Spiders. They look like spiders, but the legs are actually going to wrap around my arm.

Next comes the strapping. It’s not going to look exciting, but it probably will take me a week to do. I need to strap all eight legs on the pauldrons to go around my arm, strap the pauldrons to the chest piece and strap the chest piece to my base layer. I’ll be taking photos to explain what I’m doing, as I’m using a couple of different techniques. Then I promise I’ll go back to doing more interesting things!

Written by: Lulu

I’m best described as a jack of all trades type - I have a lot of interests and tend to bounce sporadically from one to another, picking up new ones on the way. Predominantly I make things and read. I do play console games (I think at present I own three four consoles that fight for space), but even then I wouldn’t say I play one type of game more than any other. I’m a big final fantasy fan, but I also like puzzle games and FPS. There are plenty more console games enthusiasts on here though, so I’ll be sticking to reviewing tabletop games. I grew up with a culture of playing board games with my family frequently, especially Hero Quest with my dad. Whenever we have a social gathering, which is usually every other weekend, we inevitably play at least one board game. Then there’s the making of things. My current list of enthusiasms includes crochet, embroidery, clothes making and cosplay, bags, leather work, some jewellry, plushies of all shapes and sizes and some other random bits and pieces. You can read all about my nerd-craft in my blog and if you’re interested and willing to part with some cash, I do take commissions on certain things. If you can think it, I can probably make it out of something - just ask!

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