The giant bear has landed

A quick post this week to say … I finished the giant zombie bear!! It’s huge, heavy and great for cuddles. I weighted his feet and belly so he’ll stand under his own power. I suspect I’ll be making more of these. I haven’t decided whether to keep this chap

New Year, new project

Happy inevitable passing of time, everyone! The dress has fulfilled it’s initial purpose – party was great fun. We did Murder in the Thirties this year – was a pretty tricky one this time. We’ve done quite a few now – I think this one was the least hammy and

Zombie Fangirl

Another quiet evening to myself – what to do? Well, there’s one of several Christmas projects I’m in the middle of, the Christmas card ideas I haven’t drafted any ideas for yet or the outfit I’ve foolishly decided to make myself for a party I’m hosting at New Years. This

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