Games with Gold free Xbox Games for October

Xbox Games with Gold have announced their line up for October! The games that stand out are The Turing Test and Rayman 3 HD, Rayman brings some serious nostalgic vibes as does Medal of Honor. The Turing Test looks to be offering something different into the mix, but the overall month comes across as weak compared to the PS Plus games for October.

As always make sure you guys watch out because these games come out at different times during the month and are only available to those with an active Xbox Gold subscription.

Full line up for October

> Gone Home: Oct 1 – 31 (Xbox One)
> The Turing Test: Oct 16 – Nov 15 (Xbox One)
> Rayman 3 HD: Oct 1 – 15 (Xbox 360)
> Medal of Honor Airborne: Oct 16 – 31 (Xbox 360)

Written by: Mez

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